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Developer Environment

Mostly under construction - coming soon

Hosting KubeStellar in a Kind cluster#

Create a Kind cluster with a port mapping#

Create a Kind cluster with the extraPortMappings for the Ingress controller, which will listen at port 443 on the one kind node. We pick a port number here that does not run afoul of the usual prohibition of ordinary user processes listening at low port numbers.

kind create cluster --name ks-host --config=- <<EOF
kind: Cluster
- role: control-plane
  - |
    kind: InitConfiguration
        node-labels: "ingress-ready=true"
  - containerPort: 443
    hostPort: 1119
    protocol: TCP

Create an nginx Ingress controller with SSL passthrough#

Create an nginx-ingress with SSL passthrough. Following Kind NGINX ingress instructions, we have modified the YAML at to include the --enable-ssl-passthrough=true argument. This is the link to our raw modified nginx controller deployment YAML.

kubectl apply -f

Wait for the ingress to be ready:

kubectl wait --namespace ingress-nginx \
  --for=condition=ready pod \ \

Load a locally-built container image into the kind cluster#

Remember that you can do this.