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KubeStellar prerequisites#

The following prerequisites are required. You can use the check-pre-req script, to validate if all needed pre-requisites are installed.

Infrastructure (clusters)#

Because of its multicluster architecture, KubeStellar requires that you have the necessary privileges and infrastructure access to create and/or configure the necessary Kubernetes clusters. These are the following; see the architecture document for more details.

  • One cluster to serve as the KubeFlex hosting cluster.
  • Any additional Kubernetes clusters that are not created by KubeFlex but you will use as a WDS or ITS.
  • Your WECs.

Our documentation has remarks about using the following sorts of clusters:

  • kind
  • k3s
  • openshift

Software Prerequisites: for Using KubeStellar#

  • kubeflex version 0.6.1 or higher To install kubeflex go to To upgrade from an existing installation, follow these instructions. At the end of the install make sure that the kubeflex CLI, kflex, is in your $PATH.

  • OCM CLI (clusteradm) To install OCM CLI use:

    curl -L | bash

    Note that the default installation of clusteradm will install in /usr/local/bin which will require root access. If you prefer to avoid root, you can specify an alternative installation location using the INSTALL_DIR environment variable, as follows:

    mkdir -p ocm
    export INSTALL_DIR="$PWD/ocm"
    curl -L | bash
    export PATH=$PWD/ocm:$PATH

    At the end of the install make sure that the OCM CLI, clusteradm, is in your $PATH.

  • helm - to deploy the kubestellar and kubeflex charts

  • kubectl - to access the kubernetes clusters

Additional Software for the Quickstart setup#

  • kind
  • docker (or compatible docker engine that works with kind)

Additional Software For Running the Examples#

  • argocd - for the examples that use it

Additional Software For Building KubeStellar from Source#

  • go version 1.20 or higher - to build kubestellar
  • make - to build kubestellar and create the kubestellar image
  • ko - to create the kubestellar image

To build and test KubeStellar properly, you will also need

  • kind
  • OCP

Automated Check of Pre-Requisites for KubeStellar#

The check_pre_req script offers a convenient way to check for the pre-requisites needed for KubeStellar deployment and use.

The script checks for a pre-requisite presence in the $PATH, by using the which command, and it can optionally provide version and path information for pre-requisites that are present, or installation information for missing pre-requisites.

We envision that this script could be useful for user-side debugging as well as for asserting the presence of pre-requisites in higher-level automation scripts.

The script accepts a list of optional flags and arguments.

Supported flags:#

  • -A|--assert: exits with error code 2 upon finding the fist missing pre-requisite
  • -L|--list: prints a list of supported pre-requisites
  • -V|--verbose: displays version and path information for installed pre-requisites or installation information for missing pre-requisites
  • -X: enable set -x for debugging the script

Supported arguments:#

The script accepts a list of specific pre-requisites to check, among the list of available ones:

$ --list
argo brew docker go helm jq kflex kind ko kubectl make ocm yq


For example, list of pre-requisites required by KubeStellar can be checked with the command below (add the -V flag to get the version of each program and a suggestions on how to install missing pre-requisites):

$ hack/
Checking pre-requisites for using KubeStellar:
Checking additional pre-requisites for running the examples:
Checking pre-requisites for building KubeStellar:
 GNU Make

In another example, a specific list of pre-requisites could be asserted by an higher-level script, while providing some installation information, with the command below (note that the script will terminate upon finding a missing pre-requisite):

$ --assert --verbose helm argo docker kind
Checking KubeStellar pre-requisites:
  version: version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.14.0", GitCommit:"3fc9f4b2638e76f26739cd77c7017139be81d0ea", GitTreeState:"clean", GoVersion:"go1.21.5"}
     path: /usr/sbin/helm
  how to install: