KubeStellar GitHub Organization On-boarding and Off-boarding Policy

Effective Date: June 1st, 2023

At KubeStellar we love our contributors. Our contributors can make various valuable contributions to our project. They can actively engage in code development by submitting pull requests, implementing new features, or fixing bugs. Additionally, contributors can assist with testing, CICD, documentation, providing clear and comprehensive guides, tutorials, and examples. Moreover, they can contribute to the project by participating in discussions, offering feedback, and helping to improve overall community engagement and collaboration.

  1. Introduction: The purpose of this policy is to ensure a smooth on-boarding and off-boarding process for members of the KubeStellar GitHub organization. This policy applies to all individuals joining or leaving the organization, including community contributors.

  2. On-boarding Process: 2.1. Access Request:

  3. New members shall submit an access request, via a blank GitHub issue from the KubeStellar repository, mentioning all members of the OWNERS file.
  4. The access request should include the member's GitHub username and a brief description of their role and contributions to the KubeStellar project.

2.2. Review and Approval: - The organization's maintainers or designated personnel will review the access request issue. - The maintainers will evaluate the request based on the member's role, contributions, and adherence to the organization's code of conduct. - Upon approval, the member will receive an invitation to join the KubeStellar GitHub organization.

2.3. Getting Help: - The organization's maintainers are here to help contributors be efficient and confident in their collaboration effort. If you need help you can reach out to the maintainers on slack at the KubeStellar-dev channel. - Be sure to join the KubeStellar-dev Google Group to get access to important artifacts like proposals, diagrams, and meeting invitations.

2.4. Orientation: - Newly on-boarded members will be provided with contribution guidelines. - The guide will include instructions on how to access relevant repositories, participate in discussions, and contribute to ongoing projects.

  1. Off-boarding Process: 3.1. Departure Notification:
  2. Members leaving the organization shall notify the maintainers or their respective team lead in advance of their departure date.
  3. The notification should include the member's departure date and any necessary transition information.

3.2. Access Termination: - Upon receiving the departure notification, the maintainers or designated personnel will initiate the off-boarding process. - The member's access to the KubeStellar GitHub organization will be revoked promptly to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access.

3.3. Knowledge Transfer: - Departing members should facilitate the transfer of their ongoing projects, tasks, and knowledge to their respective replacements or relevant team members. - Documentation or guidelines related to ongoing projects should be updated and made available to the team for seamless continuity.

  1. Code of Conduct:
  2. All members of the KubeStellar GitHub organization are expected to adhere to the organization's code of conduct, promoting a respectful and inclusive environment.
  3. Violations of the code of conduct will be addressed following the organization's established procedures for handling such incidents.

  4. Policy Compliance:

  5. It is the responsibility of all members to comply with the on-boarding and off-boarding policy.
  6. The organization's maintainers or designated personnel will oversee the implementation and enforcement of this policy.

  7. Policy Review:

  8. This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.
  9. Any updates or revisions to the policy will be communicated to the organization's members in a timely manner.

Please note that this policy is subject to change, and any modifications will be communicated to all members of the KubeStellar GitHub organization.

By joining the organization, all members agree to abide by the terms and guidelines outlined in this policy.

Andy Anderson (clubanderson) KubeStellar Maintainer June 1, 2023