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Testing website PRs

Testing a KubeStellar documentation PR#

Here are the steps to checkout a git pull request for local testing.

STEP-1: Checkout the Pull Request

Helpers: GitHub, DevOpsCube

1.1 Use the pull request number to fetch origin (note: be sure to check out the right branch!)#

    Fetch the reference to the pull request based on its ID number, creating a new branch locally. Replace ID with your PR # and BRANCH_NAME with the desired branch name.

        git fetch origin pull/ID/head:BRANCH_NAME

1.2 Switch to the new branch#

   Checkout the BRANCH_NAME where you have all the changes from the pull request.

        git switch BRANCH_NAME

    At this point, you can do anything you want with this branch. You can run some local tests, or merge other branches into the branch.

STEP-2: Test and Build the Documentation (optional)

    Use this procedure if you want to view and modify the documentation in the branch you have checked out.

Helpers: KubeStellar/docs, MkDocs

2.1 Install MkDocs and its requirements#

  cd docs
  pip install mkdocs
  pip install -r requirements.txt  

2.2 Build and view the documentation#

         mkdocs serve

    Next, open a browser to and review the changes.