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Using existing Kubernetes cluster to host KubeStellar#

Status of this document: it is the barest of a start. Much more needs to be written.

Using an existing Kind cluster as the hosting cluster#

This requires a pre-existing Kind cluster that has an Ingress controller that is listening on host port 9443 and configured with TLS passthrough.

The examples say to create a Kind cluster for hosting using the following command.

kflex init --create-kind

To use a pre-existing Kind cluster instead, make sure that your current kubeconfig context is for accessing that cluster and issue the following command.

kflex init

All the subsequent kubectl and helm commands that say to use the kubeconfig context named kind-kubeflex need to be modified to use the appropriate kubeconfig context for accessing the hosting cluster.

Using an existing OpenShift cluster as the hosting cluster#

This is similar to using an existing Kind cluster but requires an additional modification. Modify the kflex init command and subsequent kubeconfig context references as in the existing-kind-cluster scenario.

Additionally, the recipe for registering a WEC with the ITS needs to be modified. In the clusteradm command, omit the --force-internal-endpoint-lookup flag. If following the example commands literally, this means to define flags="" rather than flags="--force-internal-endpoint-lookup".