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KubeStellar Contributors#

Make sure all pre-requisites are installed as described in pre-reqs.

Unit testing#

The Makefile has a target for running all the unit tests.

make test

Integration testing#

There are currently two integration tests. Contributors can run them. There is also a GitHub Actions workflow (in .github/workflows/pr-test-integration.yml) that runs these tests.

These tests require you to already have etcd on your $PATH. See for an example of how to do that.

To run the tests sequentially, issue a command like the following.

CONTROLLER_TEST_NUM_OBJECTS=24 go test -v ./test/integration/controller-manager &> /tmp/test.log

If CONTROLLER_TEST_NUM_OBJECTS is not set then the number of objects will be 18. This parameterization by an environment variable is only a point-in-time hack, it is expected to go away once we have a test that runs reliably on a large number of objects.

To run one of the individual tests, issue a command like the following example.

go test -v -timeout 60s -run ^TestCRDHandling$ ./test/integration/controller-manager

Making releases#

See the release process document.